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I must think Army to do Army

Fort Ord Overview

This letter was dated August 10, 1954. It really displays the home sick feelings my Dad had again. What is somewhat humorous about this, is that he insisted that nobody write since it will make it easier, yet he asked a question about whether they got his letter… which would require them to write in order to answer. Poor guy.

Here is his letter:

Enclosed is $10.00 $5.00  I did not need.

I got $20.00 the other day.

It will make it easier for me if you do not write. I must think Army to do Army so I don’t want to think of home.   J. Lee

(did you get letter?)


I have also come across his daily journal from this period!  This gives me more insight into his activities which perhaps he didn’t share with his letter recipients.

For August 10th He wrote the following:

We had small pox vac. and tooth check at dentist, and had photo taken for ID Card. Then saw picture on care of teeth. We had Chow & then we went to a church for an orientation on going to church. Then we got our M-1’s. (25-35-086)

I served food at counter again at dinner chow time. I was too sick to eat breakfast. (mostly homesickness)

So, you can see that he was very homesick; so much so that he couldn’t eat.

One other thing I noted from this journal, is that the Army emphasized going to church to the soldiers. I wonder if they still give “orientations on going to church” in the Armed Forces.


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